Norman Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS

Facelift, Neck Lift & Brow Lift

Facial rejuvenation surgery often includes a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, and blepharoplasty. When you come in for a facial rejuvenation consultation, Dr. Pastorek will evaluate you for your particular needs. Some patients will require several procedures to achieve their optimal appearance, while others will require just one. No matter what plan is necessary, the goals are always the same: the most normal appearance, the most long-lasting result, the safest surgery, the finest scars, and a rapid recovery and return to your life’s routine.

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Dr. Pastorek has kept these goals as the centerpiece of his personal evolution of facial rejuvenation surgery. In his modification of the deep-plane facelift, he has found the perfect procedure for a totally natural look, a normal hairline, a youthful repositioning of mid-face anatomy, and the most minimal bruising and swelling. Tisseal fibrin glue sealant—which provides instant, firm redraping of the skin—eliminates the need for drains. NASA-specific lightwave treatments are used to enhance healing; Dr. Pastorek has found that this treatment improves upon already exceptionally consistent good results. You will enjoy a quick return to business as usual and experience years of continued aesthetic benefit.

If you think you can benefit from a brow elevation or a procedure to gain symmetry of your brows, the doctor will evaluate the best approach for your individual need during your consultation. Many brow lifts can be performed through a blepharoplasty (eye lid) incision, avoiding hairline incisions. Dr. Pastorek believes in a conservative and realistic brow appearance. Effectiveness and longevity of a brow lift are paramount when he plans the brow lift procedure that’s right for you.

As a teacher and lecturer, Dr. Pastorek studies and considers the latest developments in this field. He feels that the parade of new and inventive facial plastic surgery procedures offering shortcut, minimal-effort, and quick-fix pathways to rejuvenation must be evaluated over an extended period to test their worthiness and long-term effect. The goal of any surgical facial rejuvenation procedure is years, not months, of benefit.

Dr. Pastorek usually performs facial rejuvenation surgery in the outpatient operating room while you are under intravenous analgesia. A moderate pressure bandage is removed the day following surgery during an office visit. The operative area is inspected, the wounds dressed, lightwave treatment is administered, a “preview” of the result is presented, and smaller pressure bandage applied. The bandages and sutures on your face and lids are removed on the fourth post-op day. Any sutures at the hairline are removed on the seventh day. Staples are removed on the tenth or eleventh day. Make-up can be applied at any time after the bandages are removed.

Dr. Pastorek has performed over 2,500 facial rejuvenation procedures.